Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Black and White Wednesday #77 {Sweet Tamarind from Thailand.}

This is my second entry for Black & White Wednesday #77, 3rd April, 2013. Haalo is hosting it at Cookallmostanything. This event was started by Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook and now Cinzia will be managing it at Cindystarblog. Next B&WW event #78 will be hosted by Aparna at MyDiverseKitchen.

I have taken images of sweet tamarind from Thailand, these taste very sweet with no  hint of sourness. I will be making sweet tamarind and dates chutney to suit to old age diet and taste requirements. I have to make it less sour, less hot and rightly balance other chutney ingredients. I will blog chutney recipe later.

Sweet Tamarind Pods from Thailand.

Sweet Tamarind Pods.

Black and White Wednesday Event #77

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Simona Carini said...

Very nice! I wish I could take a close look at one of those pods.

Usha said...

Simona, Thanks for taking moment to stop by. Check with Asian store, these tamarind pods are sold in boxes. It is quite rough process to break shells and eat them but it gets many not care about fiber and seeds will enjoy chewing them.

sm said...

sweet tamarind and dates chutney
tasty one can apply to bread or roti and eat it.

Usha said...

sm, yes..tamarind+date chutney is every ones favorite...aroma and addition of chat masala makes it addictive and you crave to eat it very often with variety of chats..Thanks.