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Step by Step Pictorial illustrating new Folding and Rolling method for stuffed Aloo Paratha....a neat twist to traditional stuffed paratha folding method.. { Indian hand rolled unleavened flat bread stuffed with herbed potatoes.}

For me stuffing and rolling  varieties of paratha is one of the very satisfying cooking chore. Preparing stuffed parathas  need some practice and laborious efforts. Few days back I made around 15 stuffed aloo parathas, there was some left over dough and aloo filling. I tried to stuff and roll two parathas with a twist to traditional folding style. This folding style I use to prepare square shaped chapati/ roti /plain layered paratha. I found this method quite  easy to roll stuffed aloo paratha, it evenly spreads filling inside paratha  through edges without causing any cracks and potato filling didn't come out while rolling. Pictorial will explain how I did it. Ladies who struggles to prepare stuffed aloo paratha can try this method. Scroll down to read  how I prepared  aloo stuffing and paratha dough.

Aloo Paratha dough : I used Indian Aata,  per cup added 2 tbsp self raising all purpose flour(Maida), one pinch ajwain, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, keep salt quantity  higher than chapati dough, 1 tsp coarsely crushed ginger+garlic mixture. Prepare soft dough, consistency should be more softer than roti dough, you will need little over 2 cup water for 4 cups flour. I used  around 2 tbsp oil ( for 4 cups flour). For preparing 5 aloo parathas use 1 +1/4 cup flour. My paratha dough was prepared in the food processor.

Preparing aloo filling : This filling generously uses  herbs, no dry spices are used. I use coarse micro plane grater to get the finest mashed texture of boiled  potatoes. Generous quantity of coarsely  crushed ginger, garlic, green chilies and cilantro mixture is used, also use handful  of roughly chopped cilantro to get good leafy appeal over roasted  paratha. I do add handful of dry mashed potato flakes to remove extra moisture created by herbs. Keep salt quantity little higher. This is completely raw aloo filling, I didn't saute herbs and potatoes.

Pictorial  Illustrating  steps  of  folding & rolling  stuffed  Aloo  Paratha.

[Image-1] Left top ball is the potato filling ball.
 Left side bottom dough ball is dusted with flour and ready to roll.
Image at right is -- plain dough ball before dusting.

[Image-2] Roll flour dusted dough ball into 4-5 inch diameter size.
Brush drop of oil in center before placing potato stuffing  ball.

[Image-3] Position potato filling in the center, cover by bringing 
upper and lower edge in the center.

[Image-4] Press right and left side around ball to cover with rolled paratha.

[Image-5] More closer view after positioning filling ball inside rolled paratha.

[Image-6] Moist fingers with oil, bring right side over top of the filling ball, gently press.Do touch up with one  drop of oil.

[Image-7] Little bit closer view after pressing right flap over the top.
brush little oil over folding layers.

[Image-8]This is an important part look above picture, lift  ball slightly up and turn left side flap underneath and press, right flap goes on top and left goes under the stuffed paratha ball.

[Image-9] When you press underneath brush little oil between the joint.

[Image- 10] flatten it back on countertop.

[Image-11] Slightly press and roll the ball, it will  be square in
shape so pat around edges and make it more round.

[Image-12] I flipped it to show how other side looks.

[Image-13] Start rolling gently over dusted surface, stretch up to 7inch diameter size.While rolling lift and move rolled paratha  clock wise, sprinkle flour for easy rolling.If you are a fresher in rolling parathas then you can stop rolling when size exceeds 5.5 inches diameters.

[Image-14] I flipped the rolled parantha  to show how fold appears at
the other side.These folding patterns create nice flaky layer.

[Image-15] Roast parantha on griddle over medium heat, spray some oil, fry on both sides turning once or twice until it puffs and turns light brown in color.

Aloo ke paranthe./ Batata Paratha

cooked on 21st Sept, published on 12/22/12


sm said...

Aloo Paratha
very tasty dish like the photos make it easy how one should roll them

Usha said...

Thanks sm, This method is neat and helps to roll good aloo paratha..I have tried this method to roll cauliflower paratha filling was very soft and difficult to handle but with this method i could roll them well...I will be posing more paratha recipes in future...Thanks for stopping by.

Nisa Homey said...

Hi Usha, thank you for the detailed and inspiring comment. Comments like yours make my day, so glad that u stumbled on to my place. I wanted to thank u, but could not find ur mail id, but instead I landed on your blog, what an amazing collection you have, and this aloo paratha is so different. I love the way you have rolled the paratha, I sure will give it a try next time I make parathas. Have a great day and keep connected :)

Usha said...

Nisa, Thank you for coming over to my blog to acknowledge my far I have not added my contact email id on blog, I will do it soon. Your recipes, honest writing has impressed me..I will sure stay connected.

This aloo paratha fold spreads filling evenly without try it some time...again thanks for stopping by.

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Unknown said...

nice blog ! it is my first time visit i here. looks for delicious. i loves paratha.

thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan