Friday, June 13, 2014

Pleasant morning after the thunderstorm in Triangle...Beautiful mess of fallen leaves around the home.

Yesterday evening we had severe thunderstorm with heavy rains, it lasted for about 20 minutes but did lot of damage around city. It dumped lot of tiny branches, leaves, tree bark pieces, pine cones, twigs around my home. Today morning when I opened the front door, I saw one tiny single Sweetgum tree leaf  resting on  the door sill (Umbartha/Dehleez). My door mat was covered with pine tree leaves, tiny twigs. It was a beautiful sight to watch. I strolled around home to see more  fallen leaves, they were  at every step. I took few  pictures with new point and shoot camera, Canon Power shot-110, scroll down to enjoy. What did I cook on this beautiful morning for lunch box and breakfast? Check the last image.

Sweetgum tree leaf.

Assorted fallen leaves.

Two insect made holes on the leaf reminded me
 of "Jadoo Alien" from movie Koi Mil gaya.

This big pine tree branch fell down in wooded portion near home,

fallen pine tree branch.

Chinkapin Oak tree leaf.

Sweet gum tree branch landed over front lawn.

 Sweetgum Tree leaves cluster on the road.

Tulip Poplar / Yellow poplar tree leaves landed over green weed, 
blanket (Oxalis /wood sorrel)Click image to see 4 tiny mushrooms.

sweetgum tree branch fallen on the road.

undrained standing water over lawn.

Small piece of  tree bark skin and scattered pieces of mulch.

Pine cone landed over front lawn.

Sweet gum tender fruit, I have collected dried ones during 
winter but this is first time saw green fruit.

I found  sweetgum  fruit hanging in the middle of leaves, kept
it  beside above fruit and took image.

while strolling around home I saw this contrail getting formed in the sky.

On this beautiful morning I prepared instant multi grain dosas/ crepes with flour combination of Buckwheat, Besan, Ivory Teff, and corn. I seasoned it with white portions of scallion onions,  tiny red shallots, cumin, green chilies, ginger. In the batter I used good quantity of yogurt. I packed them for lunch with Matki + Millet Usal and ate them  for breakfast with Chipotle hummus. I will make new post for detail recipe.