Friday, October 5, 2012

Aashirvaad MultiGrain Aata Chapati - additionally enriched with Flax seed meal and Soy flour. {How to pack and freeze rotis?} --- (Recipe for Healthy Roti / chapati / Poli -- Formula -1)

Now we get variety of  multi grain aata bags from India. I have tried all the brands  but none of them have good ratio of multi grain flours, still  that  mild addition of different grains brings good taste in  rotis. I always keep one bag  of multigrain aata for preparing variety of parathas. Today I  made rotis with Aashirvad multigrain aata  by adding  flax seed meal and soy flour for extra enrichment. I am sharing the formula and few images of Roti. I experienced more ease while rolling and rotis were very soft and tasty.

Ingredients :
  • 4 cup Aashirvad multi grain aata
  • 3 tbsp flax seed meal
  • 4 tbsp soy flour
  • 2.5 cups water
  • 1-2 Tb.spoon oil
  • 1/2 Tspoon salt
Note :Few times I have added 5-6 tbsp ragi flour to above formula, that brings nice Bhakari like taste.

How to prepare Multigrain Roti dough in food processor :

Mix 3tbsp flax seed meal, 4 tbsp soy flour,  1/2 tsp salt with 4 cup Aashirvad multi grain aata in a food processor. Run on low for one minute, Increase speed to medium and start adding water. Pause for few seconds after adding one cup water. Continue adding second cup. Now increase speed to high and run food processor until dough starts to  form. Add half tbsp oil,  run for 30 seconds. Now  add 1/4 cup water, dough will get more softer, pause and check consistency. Now go on adding tsp water at a time. (I totally added 2.5 cup water.) Finally add little more oil and run food processor for one minute or until proper dough ball is formed. This flour consistency is extra fine so there is chance that dough might stick to the sides of food processor. Pause and try to settle dough with hand and run food processor again, if required pour little oil to enable dough move easily inside the food processor. Remove dough from processor and merge together by applying little oil over your fingers and palm. Make 25 dough balls. If you need smaller rotis then  make upto 30 dough balls, cover them with plastic cling wrap. I rolled each roti  little  over 7 inch diameter in size.

Rolling and Frying rotis :

I rolled rotis on  the wooden kitchen counter, extra space enables me to roll bigger size rotis. I used mix of maida and rice flour to dust roti dough ball. I rolled each roti until it reached size of 7 inch diameter and fried them over hard anodized non-stick square shaped griddle without applying/spraying oil.

How to pack, store,freeze roti / Chapati in a plastic cling wrap.
Extra rotis I stacked in a bundle of 15, covered it tightly with plastic cling wrap. Pull around 20 inch sheet of cling wrap over counter top or plane surface, place rotis in the center leaving  equal size of wrap on four sides. First pull right side wrap - cover it over rotis,  then pull left  side extra sheet of cling wrap in the center, press it tightly removing trapped air. lastly bring  top and bottom cling wrap over rotis. This way it seals all rotis perfectly inside cling wrap. (Check picture below) Place this pack inside one gallon size ziploc bag and refrigerate. This method works storing for one week. For longer storing time freeze it in freezer section. Rotis stay good over one month. When you want to eat, bring roti pack to room temperature, place single roti over paper towel in a  microwave, heat for 10 seconds and enjoy soft roti. If your cling wrap is heat proof then you can place entire packet and heat for  30 seconds, turning packet after 15 seconds.

Roti/Chapati pack wrapped in cling wrap to store in fridge.

Chapati / Poli / Indian unleavened Bread

Below is the image of my lunch plate, after preparing rotis I ate with stove top Egg bake masala and few pieces of raw onion. This is very interesting egg dish my mother used to cook which is similar to Chakchouka  dish from Tunisia and Algeria, also Israel it is known as Shakshouka. Eggs are directly broken over masala base made with onions, tomatoes and fresh ground garam masala and cooked over very low flame until eggs are cooked.