Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Best Wishes for Deepavali... & Pictures of Nine Dot Rangoli with Diya decorations.

Today is  the Festival of lights, Diwali signifies the victory of lights over darkness and  of truth over dishonesty and of happiness over sorrow. Let the world  work towards this Deepavali Spirit to bring peace, equality and justice. May this Festival of Lights bring blessings of Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Good health to all my followers, readers and visitors.  You all have a wonderful New Year.
Yesterday I enjoyed drawing nine dot Rangoli, for me it is therapeutic art form and gives me immense pleasure. I had limited choice of colors but it worked good for  this one inch spacing - 9 dot rangoli. I used  single vinyl sheet to draw this Rangoli. I pasted it on  bigger size white color thick paper. First I made rough sketch of design then made final outline with white Rangoli, later slowly filled Rangoli colors. I used individual small size tiles to do surrounding decorations with diyas. Enjoy the Rangoli pictures with Diya decorations. 

 Picture of completed Rangoli before starting Diya decorations.

 Time to lit  Diyas.

Thanks for watching...Shubha Deepavali.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Day life cycle of Parasol mushroom growing in the backyard. [ Summer 2011 Lawn mushroom pictures. Post - 2 ]

Summer 2011 has been wonderful  year for mushroom growth in Cary, NC.  I have already posted Puffball mushroom images earlier. This Parasol mushroom was growing near my patio in the lawn, just 15 ft away from home so it was easy to observe it growing every day. I spotted it on 23rd Sept  and clicked until it dried and withered away on 27th September. Enjoy viewing beautiful life form of Parasol mushroom.

 I spotted pair of  Parasol mushroom.
 (Macrolepiota procera)[1st Day] ..23rd Sept-2011]

[1st Day] - One more picture from another angle.

[2nd Day]...[24th Sept-2011]

one more picture. [ Day -2 ]

[ Day -3]....25th Sept -2011]

Mushroom shrivelled up ..[Day-4] [26th Sept-2011]

Mushroom withered away. [ Day-5 ] [27th Sept -2011]

This is little different than above  Parasol Mushroom 
(Lepiota procera)
 still to open fully. [27th Sept, 2011]

Above mushroom next day. (28th Sept, 2011)

 Some random single mushroom (10/01/2011)

Above mushroom after five days...(10/06/2011)