Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Belated Diwali Greetings!! & Images of Quick Rangoli design done with stensils over glittery pocket folder surface. { Diya Images with Rainbow Color illuminations.}

On this auspicious Diwali occasion wishing all followers, Readers and visitors a Very  Happy and Joyous Diwali glowing with Peace, Prosperity and Good Health. May all the evil tendencies disappear forever from this world and let Supreme Peace prevail.

This year I drew quick Rangoli by using three different stencils. Most interesting part was 2$ shiny glittery sand paper like textured two pocket folder from Walgreens made a magical rainbow effect when I lit  the earthen oil Diya / Panati. I cut the pocket folder in the center, used glittery part to draw rangoli and other plain shiny side used in the background to get rainbow color effect. Later I played around by using other folder side and few earthen diyas. I took few beautiful rainbow like glowing reflection design images. I was delighted to see the results and happy to share with you all.  Scroll down to enjoy stencil Rangoli and Diya pictures with Rainbow color illuminations.

I liked the beautiful thought  of diya artist
 to carve "OM" in the center of  the Panati.

Diya is  reflecting Rainbow like streaks 
over glossy pocket folder background.

Flat glass marbles added beautiful touch to the Rangoli.


It was nice creative fun to play around with diya and shiny  pocket folder. Any light reflection on this glossy folder illuminated multiple color patterns. It was hard photographing glow free image of folder, I have taken the back side to show exact color and texture. I started with single diya, changed angles and added multiple diyas to get different illuminating designs and colors.All the following pictures are taken without using flash around 10 am.

[A] - Started with single diya placing on flat folder surface.

[B]  I slightly curved folder from back side, pattern changed.

[C] - I captured  morning sun's rays from window over folder, 
focused  it towards wall, see  how it reflected like rainbow.

[D] - Added two more diyas, colorful reflection design changed.

[E] - Grouped three diyas in Triangle shape, this gave
 beautiful multiple color glowing streaks all around.

[F] - same above pattern captured in vertical angle.

[G] - Diagonal composition of Diyas

[H] - Back side of the magical folder.

[I] - Front side of the illuminating magical folder.

[J] - Stencil Rangoli decorated with multiple oil diyas.

Happy Diwali.

published on 22nd November 2012.


sm said...

beautiful diwali photos

Usha said...

sm, Thanks for stopping by and appreciating photos.

sm said...

I updated the list with more foods

Usha said...

sm, I checked the post, one need to make an effort to eat selective good food and avoid food that harms body... of course some lifestyle changes are also required..Thanks for updating list.

ashdoc said...

Respected Ushaji , i along with two other friends have started this website called emasti.in where i shall post my movie reviews and post on other topics . i hope you will join in to add luster to my site .



Usha said...

Ashdoc, Good to see you stopping by here and thanks for personal invitation to join emasti.
I have followed it since the day you announced on DC...Congratulations!! Your site looks great..I have rarely missed reading any of your movie review,always enjoyed reading..also they help me lot to make movie choice. I am glad to see that now you have your own space.

Wishing you and your friends good luck.:)

Unknown said...

What an amazing artwork! I am always feeling awed everytime i see these Rangoli designs made for the festivals, so amazing! thanks!

Sonal said...

I checked all your rangoli posts and they are awesome. I am planning to do this Diwali and you gave me plenty of ideas. Thank you and a great job !

Usha said...

Sonal, I am glad to read that you got some rangoli ideas from Diwali posts. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog.

Kumar said...

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali Ushaji !!!
Hoping to see some new photos and recipes.

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