Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Black and White Wednesday #81 {Scallion and Red Capsicum Paratha.}

This is my sixth image submission for Black and White Wednesday event #81,1st May, 2013. Lynne from Cafelynnylu is hosting the Event. Susan, author of TheWell Seasoned Cook is a founder of this event. Now Cinzia of  Cindystarblog is a new admin for Susan's Black and White Wednesday event. For all guidelines  and an index of  all future hosting blogs please check Cinzia's  post  here. Participants can join Flickr group created for B&W event. Next event (BWW #82, 8th May-2013) will be hosted by Alex at food4thght..

This week my  two submissions are images of  Vegetable Parathas. These parathas were made in the  morning hours to pack for lunch. It took me less than half an hour to make 5 parathas from scratch. I made them by combining  green onions, red bell pepper, onion and cilantro, no spices are used  so they are packed with  natural  flavor of  veggies and herbs. Click here for Paratha Recipe.

Scallion and Red Bell Pepper Paratha

 Green onion and Red Capsicum Paratha.

Black and White Wednesday Event #81


sm said...

beautiful arrangement

Usha said...

Thanks sm, I used lot of ingredient garnish, it naturally makes it visually can see colorful image once I post the paratha recipe.

debajyoti said...

you prepared these parathas in less than half an hour! Wow! looks great! will go through your blog for the recipe once i start cooking. i promised my mom that i will be preparing few unique stuffs.

Usha said...

Debajyoti, I have around 30 minutes to cook something for packing in lunchbox so such parathas work well...I make less than 10 so you can wind up in less than 30 minutes.

Do start cooking and surprise your mom, you can draw lot of inspiration just with few clicks on the some point your own cooking instinct will guide you...Good luck and I would love to see you posting some interesting delicious food on your blog.