Saturday, April 2, 2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - A day of memorable Victory and Joy.

ICC Cricket world cup 2011 was the tenth cricket tournament played on 2nd April 2011. It was impressive remarkable performance by India team, they  became World Champions in one day Cricket after 28 years. I am not cricket fan and I rarely watch cricket match but  this day  marked a very special memory because after 13 years  my family watched live cricket match on our home TV. ICC world cup spirits were high  in my city. All desis secured their spot to enjoy live match  either on internet, temple, restaurant or at friends home. This enthusiasm and spirit of oneness initiated us to subscribe willow TV live streaming via our Roku box, we just paid 25$ and were set to enjoy live relay of ICC world cup 2011.I took some random  pictures from TV screen. I am creating this post to record memories of watching ICC Cricket world cup 2011... Enjoy !!

Congratulations and Thanks team India  for giving us moments to feel  proud.

Bollywood celebrity Sunil Shetty.

~~~~~~Srilanka finished batting.~~~~~~

I had no idea that cricket  bats do break while playing.

Broken cricket bat was replaced during ICC world cup match.

 Amir Khan and Rajanikant in the audience.

India Won ICC Cricket world cup 2011.

Harbhajan Sing's emotional moments after world Cup victory.

ICC World Cup 2011 - Winners after 28 years......


Amrit said...

I watched at the temple. After a long time I watched cricket...may be 10 years.

Usha said...

A, same here in our case we never watched live cricket match after leaving India..few of our friends too enjoyed watching match in temple..with crowd it was more fun. Thanks for your comments.