Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Autumn Day drive from Raleigh to Cary on a beautiful cloudy Day.

A  pleasant  morning during fall season, On 16th November 2010.. I was driving from Raleigh to Cary around 7.30 am, weather was  very pleasant, cloudy with lovely mild golden sun rays all around. I  captured following pictures with  cell phone camera (Samsung-SGH-A877) at certain catchy spots. In future I will be posting more pictures from my daily early morning drive. Enjoy!!



Amrit said...

16th Nov 2011 is yet to come.....very good pictures

sm said...

beautiful pics

Bikram said...

did u get the date wrong :)

the pictures are simplye AWESOME :)


Usha said...

A, Thanks. It was year error..I mean last year November..thanks for pointing out.

@sm, Thanks for appreciation.

@Bikram, Yes I made mistake while typing year. I will correct it.Thanks for stopping by and appreciating pictures.

Anonymous said...

Though I am late, let me convey my appreciation of the photographs. We were lucky enough to travel in Southeastern US, by road, and enjoyed it immensely.

Your blog brought those memories back. Thanks.



P.S. Sometimes, the opera/wordpress combo does-not work properly..

Usha said...

Hi Pattu, Nice to see you around...I am so glad that this post refreshed your driving memories on SouthEast Coast.

Not sure why opera and wordpress combination troubles while leaving messages on blogspot..If it does not work you can just sign as Pattu, now I know you. :)

When you left this message..blogger was doing some updations and this message was gone..I was to repost it from mail but after few days it was automatically restored.

Thanks for stopping by.