Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Spring flower pictures from around Cary and Raleigh - NC

Spring season is my favorite season. Renewal of nature and warmer temperatures  bring energized spirits of hope and joy. I love the vibrant magical scene all around city filled with  gorgeous colorful flowers, a perfect time of the year  to enjoy the outdoors.  Following  flowers are captured around home except Magnolia flower pictures are taken while driving in Raleigh area. I will be making few more posts covering Spring bloom around my city. It's my pleasure to share the following  pictures with you. Enjoy!!

My very first spring flower capture - Dandelion

Bradford pear bloom around my home - First week of March.

Check following two pictures of Bradford pear flowers, they are taken one week apart.

Above picture after one week, feel the difference.

Single Daffodil in the lawn

Pink Magnolia Tree in full bloom

Pink Magnolia - beautiful mix of white and pink shade

Honeysuckle flowers

Yellow Forsythia bloom out side Walgreen Pharmacy store

White Dogwood bloom

Red Dogwood bloom

Wisteria in bloom


Amrit said...

Beautiful pictures

sm said...

beautiful pics and thanks for the names of flowers

Anonymous said...

Wow, You are in flower paradise right now. The Magnolias are my favourite.

Usha said...

A, Thanks.

@sm, Thanks. There are many many more flowers and trees to remember the names.

@Pattu, Spring is truly a flower paradise in NC. I have few more posts to share. Thanks.

Kumar said...

Nice capture of spring.

Usha said...

Kumar, nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by.