Thursday, January 1, 2009

Glimpse on routinely cooked dishes.

It is very satisfying to cook wholesome meals packed with nutrition and vibrant natural colors/spice combinations.Scroll down to take a glimpse on different dishes/meals I cook.

This below displayed Thali is my lunch on New years Day.
  • Raagi and wheat flour Roti
  • Cat fish Fry.
  • Cat fish curry cooked in Kerala style.
  • Thoran prepared with Carrot+snake gourd+Muli.
  • Bharela Baigan.

Masala Dosa Wrap topped with Zesty Indian style Tomato salsa cooked in Mustard Oil.

Batata Vada

1 comment:

Archana said...

I want them right now!
Fried green chili just take me direct to one of corner "Tapari" of my town in India.

Keep half glass of "garam chai masala marke "beside that vada plate,
So yummy,so Desi!

Delicious food with tempting pictures.