Sunday, September 15, 2013

Onam Pookalam / Floral rangoli for Kerala Onam Festival. {Simple Pookalam with garden flowers, Leaves, wild Chinese Privet berries and Pampas grass}

Tomorrow is Onam,  Kerala's  prime festival  associated with the legendary noble King Mahabali. Beautiful floral carpets are laid on the floor at the entrance of the homes to welcome King Mahabali.  I love onam ritual of floral Rangoli. In this post  I am sharing two pookalam images, one from  year 2011 and another from 2012, both pookalams were  done with available garden and store brought flowers. Traditionally Pookkalams are round floral patterns but last  year I made square floral design. I have used some wild green berries (Chinese Privet, Ligustrum Sinense) and Pampas grass. These are very simple Onam pooklam patterns one can make with available flowers. I have mostly used whole flowers  instead of pinched petals. Enjoy few additional images of Chinese Privet berries  and Pampas Grass captured around home.

Wishing all my readers, followers and visitors a very Happy and Blessed Onam!!

Flowers and berries before setting Onam Pookalam.

Pampas Grass.

Chinese Privet berries captured today morning. 
In fall they turn black, scroll down to check more images 
taken during different  season and weather conditions.

Chinese Privet berries captured on 28th October 2012.

Image taken on 16th November -2012

Image taken on 12th January 2013, on a cold, misty Day.


Ona-Pookkalam (09/29/2011)


sm said...

beautiful photos
Happy Onam

Usha said...

Thanks sm, I remember your first comment was received on onam post in year 2010. It has been three years since you always stayed around.

Thanks for your support.

sm said...

i did not realize yes 3 years

Radha said...

Is that Gandharaja pushpam? Gardenia.
Sugandharaja pushpam is tuberose. I wonder what the su means? I think this is how Malayalees say it, correct me if I'm wrong.

In Kerala how do they use this flower, like do they make garlands from it and offer to the temple? Is it used for puja to certain deities?

Anyone know the Tamil word and use for it?
Someone told me Kumbil might be the word, but I think that means something else.

Usha said...

Radha, In 2011 pookkalam I have placed two gardenia flowers.(Ananat phool) "su" stands for good. I don't know Malayalam language, by marriage I belong to Kerala and have spent total 4 months in Kerala...I can not answer your question about use of tuberose or Gardenia flowers in Kerala temples...may be when I talk to somebody I will ask the details.