Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home made Purple Sweet Potato Chips and Plantain Chips {Black and White Wednesday # 95}

This week for Black and White Wednesday event I am submitting image of  home made Purple sweet potato chips and plantain chips.  I made these chips over labour Day long weekend for evening  tea time snack. I had two green raw Plantains and one  purple sweet potato, It took me around 45 minutes to prepare these deep fried chips. I simply peeled the skin of plantains and sweet potato, directly sliced it over oil Kadhai. My slicer blade makes extra thin slices. Per banana I got above 100 chips and total yield was little over two cups. Sweet potato, I got 1.5 cups chips. I seasoned  chips with  extra fine ground sea salt.

Deepali  from Lemon In Ginger  is hosting Black and White Wednesday Event #95. Susan, author of TheWell Seasoned Cook is a founder of this event. Now Cinzia of  Cindystarblog is a new admin for Susan's Black and White Wednesday Event. For all guidelines  and an index of  all future event hosting blogs please check Cinzia's  post here. Participants can join Flickr group created for B&W event. Next event (BWW #96, 11th Sept-2013) will be hosted by Haalo  of  Cook allmost anything.

Home made Purple Sweet Potato chips & Plantain Chips

Black and White Wednesday
 Event #95, 4th Sept-2013


Simona Carini said...

I like both images!

sm said...

nice photo
one is not enough tasty potato chips

Usha said...

Simona, Thanks. This is single image, I placed two color papers, placed chips on them and clicked. It appears like collage of two images but it is single clicked image.

Usha said...

sm, Thanks, Chips are quite addictive..what ever I made that day was finished in one hour.