Monday, February 20, 2012

We didn't miss the snow this year......Cary, NC was graced with one inch layer of snow on the day of MahaShivaratri.

This year we enjoyed absolutely pleasing winter here in Cary, NC. There were  very few days of frost, cold temperatures to remember, warmer winter brought some  beautiful foggy mornings. We thought, this year we missed the winter snow. 19th was very cold and rainy, I slept early listening to the rattling  noise of freezing rain and next day morning I woke to the most gorgeous sunny day.  It was Mahashivratri Day and earlier days freezing rains ended with gentle shower of snow covering  one inch of ground,  good enough to declare a  Snow Day in Cary.  Enjoy few pictures of snow clicked  around my home during noontime on 20th February.

Female Northern Cardinal was patiently sitting on a patch of growing moss, gave me enough time to take her pictures.
  I was 20 ft away so  choose to use 18X zoom feature of Nikon coolpix S9100, worked well to get closeup. (click to enlarge)

Moss covered with snow.

Snow from Pavements and side walks was cleared by noon.

That is my home.

Sparkling snow....

Spotted animal foot prints  in snow, could not figure out which animal?

Mint Pot covered with snow.

Previous years Cary snow pictures posted on the blog.

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sm said...

beautiful shots
like the bird pic
mint pot pic

Usha said...

sm, Thanks. That day time was perfect and I got to capture this female northern cardinal is just coming out of pot and ground, I guess like last year this year too mint will grow beyond 4ft.

Kumar said...

bird picture is perfect
also the moss photo

Usha said...

Kumar, bird is really cute, it was my lucky day to get her perfect shot.Thanks.