Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gulab / Rose -- One month lifespan of a special Knock-out rose that bloomed in small container. [summer Rose shots -Year 2011]

This past summer few roses bloomed in my small patio garden. I had one pot of  red knock-out roses  gifted by my friend and another pot of red miniature rose survived from last years Valentine's day. Later part of  the summer I got two more rose plants from Lowes store, one is  hybrid Tea rose and another is  Floribundas  white iceberg,  they produce beautiful clusters of blossoms. Last years mild  winter in NC kept roses blooming until December and this pleasant winter gave lifespan of one month to one single knock-out rose. Please check set-3 to view 12 pictures of  one single beautiful rose that graced my garden for over one month. Valentine Day wishes to my followers and readers, you all have a wonderful Valentine day filled with lots of Love, Care and Joy.

[Set-A-1] Red knock-out Rose (April-2011)
[Set-A-2] Red knock-out Rose (April-2011)
[Set-A-3] Red knock-out Rose (April-2011)

A tiny branch from above rose plant  was inserted into another
 pot which turned into blooming rose plant. (2nd July 2011)


[Set-B-1] Miniature Red rose (February 2011)
Click here to check last years images of miniature roses.
[Set-B-2] 2nd July - above plant survived in new pot
 roses are a bit unhealthy.
[Set-B-3] 18th November still green with two roses.

Following 12 Rose shots are taken over the period of one month. If you carefully look at the plant, it is very tiny but still bloomed one single beautiful rose and amazingly it stayed graceful for over one month on the rose plant. I had no idea that just 4-5 inch tiny branch of knock-out rose can bring new healthy plant by just inserting it into the pot. I had inserted it around April and by November it matured enough to bloom one rose. Once I noticed that it developed new roots and sprouted  new leaves, I potted it into the small container filled with combination of soil and cow manure. Rest of the magic was done by mother nature. One day bud was exposed to frost and that changed red color into shades of orange, pink. It is still alive and waiting for spring to start its new life again.

[Set-3-1] Dark Red bud was left out in frost for one day but 
that created wonderful new color shade.
[Set-3-2] 3rd November.
[Set-3-3] Above bud was fully bloomed in one week.
[Set-3-4] 9th November 2011
[Set-3-5] Rose was so adorable that I could not
stop from clicking it several times from different angles.
[Set-3-6] 9th November 2011
[Set-3-7] Beautifully shining at the entrance door.
[Set-3-8] Rose leaning on Garden solar light.
[Set-3-9]  9th November.
[Set-3-10] 18th November...color started to fade.
[Set-3-11] 2nd December. Rose stayed fresh for over one month.
[Set-3-12]  2nd December - after one month  Rose was still Graceful.


Bikram said...

beautiful roses , you know i cant wait for the sun to come out and a bit of warmth
so garden starts to bloom again ..


Usha said...

Thanks Bikramjit, you are right...spring is the most awaited season..Do lot of gardening this year..grow veggies, herbs, flowers and may be plant few fruit trees too.Thanks for stopping by. :)

Mak said...

Roses are always beautiful and the way you present them make it more adorable. Very beautiful.

sm said...

beautiful roses

sm said...


Usha said...

Mak, Thanks and glad that you liked those roses. :)

Usha said...

sm, Thanks. Wishing you strength and endurance to pass through this sad time.