Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spectacular skies.. Incredible cloud pattern - Spiritual experience.

Friday 10th December, Since morning I kept delaying my bank visit..around 4.30 evening suddenly  I left home. Bank is just one mile away from home, I finished my work in five minutes and headed towards home...Sun was setting and I witnessed a beautiful intriguing sky splash...I do often see unique splashes of clouds and sky but this one was extremely catchy...and worth capturing...I quickly made right turn into parking lot of the grocery store, pulled over  and captured this cloud beauty from cell phone camera. I  rushed to home to enjoy some more glimpses from different angle. 

If you carefully watch all the pictures, you will find 2-3 long smoke trails created by small flying planes..that sure added more magical touch. I enjoyed this blessed spiritual experience for about 20 minutes..Please scroll down to experience.
First picture taken from Grocery shop Parking lot.

I drove further towards home and this is second capture.

Third picture taken with cell phone camera.

After reaching home I captured this picture with Digital Camera.

 Second Capture with Digital camera


Amrit said...

Beautiful pictures. Very nice. It does not seem like cell phone camera.

Usha said...

Thanks A , This is first time I am posting pictures from cell phone camera..I had captured all most 50 + but never transferred them to PC..This sky moment made me do it..There are few more interesting driving time captures from cell phone.I have not taken any food picture so far but I will do it soon.

sm said...

great shots
thanks for telling they are taken from cell phone.
as you said u got 50 pics, if you want i will make a you tube video using them.
let me know.

dr.antony said...

Beautiful pictures.
Too good for a mobile camera.

sm said...

I hope you are not upset or angree on me as i ask you about making youtube video.
even if you say no i do not mind.
is ok.

Usha said...

Dr.Antony, Thanks for the appreciation..Result of cell phone camera and natural beauty..both worked together to gift those wonderful pictures.

Usha said...

Sm...I am so sorry to delay in replying to your kind request...I am not upset or angry, I got busy and didn't turn to reply to past few comments received on blog...remove such feelings please.

As far as capturing 50 pictures, I think you thought all are of this sky moment...I got just 6-7 of the sky from cell and rest 50 I captured over the period of 6 months and they include surrounding scenes while driving.They are all assorted type.

I think just 6-7 pictures won't be enough for video, but I will keep this in mind and any of such moment I capture in future, I will sure ask you to make video.

Thanks for your kind offer. :)

sm said...