Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Storm brings White Christmas in Cary, NC.

On 25th and 26th December-2010, my city experienced the first white Christmas  in more than 60 years. It started to snow on 25th night and by 26th December afternoon  we got  8 inches of snow. City got covered under thick, fluffy blanket of snow...entire nature got transformed with  beautiful glimpses of winter landscapes. Enjoy the  immense beauty  of  this  rare white  Christmas day by scrolling down few captured pictures.

Self Note :Post published on 01-11-11.

26th Drive way was fully covered with snow, neighbor's car parked on their drive way.

View from kitchen window.

Roads were not safe to drive.

Water drainage pipe, dripping water from roof  formed shiny hanging icicles on bushes.

Left side view of the above picture.

 Last time it was2 inches snow now  8 inches.

Soft and fluffy Snow covering  bare trees.

Pristine White Christmas.

This is  my most favorite tall Tree. (You will see it often)

On 28th December, I drove out...Still lot of snow was around.

Snow lingered almost for a week, On 29th morning 9.15 am ... Sun was masked with clouds...Beautiful glimpse, peaceful silent moment was experienced.



Amrit said...

Very good picture, We had rainy Christmas

dr.antony said...

Wonderful pictures.That is how I remember Christmas from the greeting cards!.Picture perfect Christmas!

Reshma Gandhi said...

LTS, can u please remind me how to take turmeric for cough for adults. I remember u had posted something to that effect in the forums...

Usha said...

A, Thanks, rainy is not bad either if you just have to sit at home and enjoy good festive time.

Dr.Antony, Thanks for appreciation, Snow made it truly wonderful Christmas.

Usha said...

Dolly, Yes I remember posting. Turmeric I take when slight symptoms of sour throat, feverish body is felt...I take one teaspoon turmeric and add little water..make thick paste and swallow it, drink half a cup hot water. Repeat this at least three times a day.You may either add water or honey, whatever suits you.If you can make paste of turmeric in fresh ginger juice,it will make great effect.

If you are having cough then also take flax seed Kashaya. (Kadha). Boil 1 teaspoon flax seed powder in one cup water, divide and consume it three times a day...Also eat 6-7 cloves or roasted garlic.

Strictly avoid sour food, milk..don't drink any juices.

Lastly make some extra spicy masala packed chicken or mutton curry and enjoy..Hope you feel better soon..It has been harsh winter all over USA..lot of sickness is seen around.

Reshma Gandhi said...

thanks sweetie!

sm said...

good pictures

Shari said...

Loved the snow pics. Awesome!!

Usha said...

sm, Thanks for appreciating pictures.

@Talha, Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating snow pictures.