Friday, October 22, 2010

Lawn and Backyard grown Mushrooms captured during Spring-Summer - 2010

I live in a small townhome surrounded with small size lawn and wooded patch. It is wonderful  healing experience to live so close to the nature. Every year around spring season variety of  mushrooms pop up after good rainfall...This year we had very poor rain fall and we are facing drought conditions. Since spring following  two three varieties of mushrooms were spotted  in lawn and around the home....Enjoy the pictures.

Mushrooms Spotted during First week of June in mulch.

PuffBall mushroom found on grass during first week of October.

Above PuffBall mushroom from side angle.

Above PuffBall mushroom from front side.

Smaller size puffBall mushrooms.

PuffBall Mushroom with early morning dew drops.

Mushroom cropped by Squirrel - spotted during mid-October.

Above type of mushroom yet to fully bloom


Amrit said...

Nice pictures

sm said...

nice pics
with close up

Usha said...

A and sm .. thanks for appreciating pictures. :)

dr.antony said...

those mushrooms ..are they edible? I know some mushrooms are toxic.

Usha said...

Dr.Antony , Welcome to my blog..pleasure to see you here. :)

may be few types are edible but as you say some mushrooms are toxic so I just enjoy watching them grow around home.

sm said...

happy diwali