Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pathiri - Kannur Style

Pathiri/Patthiri is a delicacy from Northern Kerala region. During my last year visit to Kannur in India, I had an opportunity to make pathiri in my in-laws home. Simple ingredients, little tedious method but delicious end result. We made deep fried type pathiri.Fusion of fennel seeds,onion,coconut with rice flour brings distinctive aroma and taste to pathiri . Below I am adding few pictures captured while making pathiri along with recipe details.
  • (A) -- Soak rice in water for 6 hours. After rinsing and draining out all water, spread rice on a piece of cloth and let it dry over night. Next day coarsely grind rice in mixer without adding water. Gently roast rice powder on low flame for 10-12 minutes.
  • (B) -- Make Coarse paste of Ulli (tiny Indian onions / pearl onions),coconut,fennel seeds. Add the paste to roasted rice flour . Add little salt and make soft dough by adding hot water.
  • (C) -- Take chapati making board or any kitchen pot/pan with flat smooth top. Tightly wrap plastic cling wrap around it. Apply few drops of oil in center. Take bigger than lemon size ball of dough and place it on plastic wrapped surface. By using fingers and palm press and stretch it into nice round shape. (3 inch diameter). Apply oil to fingers to avoid stickiness.
  • (D) -- Heat oil in shallow pan or Kadhai and gently take out pathiri from chapati board and place it in oil. Deep fry them on both sides till pathiri gets light golden color. Maintain medium heat.
  • (E) -- Place fried pathiri on paper towel. After they cool them in a broad dish and cover. Relish with spicy meat/chicken/fish curry or enjoy them plain.

Deep Fried Pathiri from Kannur region.


kk said...

yum pics ulli is so tasty than regular onion

Usha said...

kk , I too like to use ulli for cooking few dishes..but here close choice is pearl onions..we don't get Indian ulli here.

Thanks for stopping by. :)