Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall foliage around home captured on 26th October with cell phone.

Here in Cary fall foliage is in its peak colorful phase. As predicted  in September  this years colors are extra bright and vibrant. Today morning I walked  around home, 50-60 ft  distance along side wooded area. I enjoyed several fall color shades, picked up few fall colored leaves, got them home, made collage. It was wonderful feeling.  All images are captured with cell phone, Enjoy.

Panicled Aster flower that blooms in fall.

Upside down fallen leaf, I turned it and took one more image.

Fall season beauty of Dogwood tree, deep maroon colored leaves.

Assorted fall colored leaves from 7-8 different trees.

Fall color shades of Sweet gum Tree leaves.


sm said...

happy new year to you and your family
Beautiful photos of nature

Usha said...

sm, Thanks for stopping by and new year too have a wonderful year.

kumar said...

Just happened to stop by your blog after a while. Amazing clicks of simple things in nature that one would tend to ignore in these days of busy life.

Usha said...

Kumar, good to see you..There is a lot to observe just around home..every time I step out I return back with some interesting clicks. Thanks for stopping by.

Jason Martin said...

The true colors of nature shown, amazing photograhy.
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