Monday, May 21, 2012

House Finches enjoying bath in the backyard. Two short videos of female and male House finches and some Spring time captured sparrow images.

Today morning I had wonderful time watching female and male house finches bathing in the small clay pot saucer that I have placed in the  patio for birds to drink water. I  watched them from patio glass door. I could take few pictures and took a very short few seconds video as female juvenile house finches enjoyed  splashing water. Later one single male house finch came, took bath and flew away. Quickly one more thirsty male finch came to drink water.  Enjoy few sparrow  images and  two short videos of House finches.

Chipping Sparrow - captured during early spring time.


Male house Finch

Male House Finch - Spring time capture.

Thanks for watching....


Bikram said...

The one with the red head I am seeing for first time ..
beautiful pictures ..


Mohana Prabhudesai Joglekar said...

Masta aahet photos.

sm said...

beautiful pics
like the video

Amrit said...

Nice pics

Usha said...

Bikramjit, headed sparrow is not seen in India..we don't have such difference in color of male and female sparrows. Redish head and chest looks really beautiful. Thanks.

@ Mohana, Thanks.

@ sm, Thanks and glad you liked the videos.

@ Amrit, Good to see you back. Thanks.

sm said...

thanks for update its not working.
Now i have updated the post with the video another source hope it will work.

Usha said...

sm, I links worked...I could watch that wonderful song..amazing performance by 10 year old kid. Thanks.

sm said...


Haddock said...

You are lucky to have these around you.
The common sparrow is no more common.

Usha said...

Haddock, Nice to see you. Currently these finches are hanging around home all the is fun to observe them. I am surprised to know that common sparrow is no more common in India.

I remember reading your post on bird who built nest in your balcony...need to come back and see it again.

thanks for stopping by.

sm said...

Mauj means wave or tide
Saahil means shore or ocean.

Usha said...

sm, Thanks..I came to know meaning of those two words only after reading your lyrics translation..earlier i knew lehare and samunder these words.Lyrics translation makes listening more joyful.

sm said...

thanks for feed back
yes now i have corrected the mistake
yes title was missing.

Usha said...

sm, that means blogger don't check for empty post title fields. Thanks for letting me know.