Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dogwood trees in bloom around Cary,North Carolina - An enticing colorful feast for the senses.

Dogwood is North carolina's state flower. In Cary and Raleigh Dogwood trees are found  abundantly, they display spectacular eye pleasing bloom in Spring, during summer they get covered with  green leaves and the same green glow changes into shades of  red/orange color in fall. No wonder Dogwood ( Cornus florida) is one of the most popular tree planted to beautify the  landscapes. Floral beauty of Dogwood Trees can be enjoyed from end of February until mid of April. Enjoy the photographs of the Dogwood blossoms captured around my home in Cary.
For more information on Dogwood plant click NC state university's Horticulture Information page link :- Nc state horticulture

By end of the February Dogwood trees start getting flower buds.

Dogwood plant buds captured at Sunset time during 1st week of March.

This Dogwood flower has mix of white,yellow and pink shades.

Dogwood flowers clicked around 8.00 am.

This is white dogwood (Cornus Cherokee princess)
Dogwood with red bracts ( Cherokee Chief)

Dogwoods beautiful green glow in summer.

Dogwoods bright red appeal in Fall season.
 Fully bloomed dogwood tree with sun set background captured during 1st week of April.
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nice capture and display of nature's beautiful creations thru amazing snaps

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Anything that flowers is good !

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