Monday, August 29, 2011

Shri Krishna Jayanti 2011 - Appam, Nippattu, Poha+Sabudana Kheer - Prasadam for Lord Krishna.

Last weekend on 21st and 22nd August Krishna Jayanti/ Gokulashtami  was celebrated by all Krishna devotees all over the world. I celebrated by doing simple Shri Krishna Pooja and cooked one savory and  two sweet dishes for Krishna Neyvaedyam/Prasadam offering. I made appam and  Kheer with Dagdi Poha(aval)+ Sabudana, combining poha and sabudana gave wonderful texture, taste to the Kheer. For savory dish I made Nippattu (south Indian savory crunchy snack)with some deviation from authentic recipe. I flavored Nippattu with two pot grown American herbs Rosemary and Sage, also replaced chana Dal with split green peas. This twist made nippattu extra delicious.( I will blog detail recipes later). This year it was great joy to use all Indian flowers for pooja  from my patio garden. I used sadafuli (periwinkle), Zandu (Marigold), Aboli/Kanakambaram (crossandra/firecracker). Last year I had made sattvik Vrat friendly dinner for Krishnashtami . Click here to check. Scroll down to enjoy some pictures of Shri Krishna Pooja and his favorite dishes.

May Krishna Bhagwan always shower his divine blessings on all of us.
Jai Shri Krishna!!

Gokulashtami 2011 Pooja

Appam & Nippattu Neyvaedyam/ Prasadam for Shri Krishna.

Three Dish Bhog for Krishna Jayanti.

Traditional Nippattu with some twist.
Flavored with rosemary,sage and  Split Green  peas.

Dagdi Poha (aval) + Sabudana Payasam for Lord Krishna.

Appam - Sweet snack for Krishnashtami.

Shri Krishna Image credits :- First picture with Bal Krishna and Balaram is taken from  Calender. Second picture is cover  of the book "Shri Krishna Pratap" written by  Param Pujya Shri Kalavati Aai. (Shri Hari Mandiram)


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Happy Janamashatami :)))

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Happy Janamashatami
beautiful pics

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